AfroMbira has a collection of African music only and AfroMbira platform accept both music audios and music videos.
All you need to is sign up with neither an email or Facebook. You will be asked to select favourite genre and artists for easy notification of new releases. Under your profile, you can edit everything you wish to change and you can upload your own music under your profile in your library but this feature is only for premium Members.
My library is a folder where a premium member can upload their own songs that they might have on their phones, laptop and other devices for their own consumption and this songs will not be available to other users.
You need to go my library page, then create a folder within my library, open that folder and you will an upload button and there you go.
You need to click create new playlist, then name the playlist after that you must select private playlist or public playlist in order to finish creating a playlist. When you see a song you like then click on the plus icon and saved playlists will come up and just select the playlist you want that song to be stored in.
Private playlist is a playlist which can remain strictly under your profile for your own use can not be accessible to other users while as a public playlist is a playlist that you can create and other users can listen to it and can be filtered on to the home page of the website, basically in public playlist your putting your Dj skills to the test and see how many views you can get and public playlists are ranked by the number of views they get.
Free members can only create one playlist with a limit of ten songs and no new releases in that playlist and free members can not create a public playlist. premium users have unlimited playlist creation of both public and private playlists.
Under your profile you can click on change my password button and follow the instructions there.
The search bar is up top on the homepage, you search by typing artist name, song title, artist country in the search bar